Anaphora Literary Press sets March 2023 release of DARK FEMININE

DARK FEMININE by Robin Throne

Dark Feminine: Poetry, prose & the in-between: (Softcover: $15, 56pp, 6X9”: ISBN: 979-8-386459-03-1; ISBN: 979-8-386459-40-6; Kindle: $2.99; LCCN: 2023904536; Nonfiction—Poetry—Women Authors; Release: March 12, 2023; Purchase on Amazon via links): A collection of poetry and prose that reflects a decades-long journey into Jung’s dark feminine. This collection reflects the insights and healing that occur when one is able to muster the courage to embark on a Jungian journey bolstered by a deeply held desire to achieve individuation and self-realization.


In gratitude to these journals, small presses, and literary projects where the works in this collection previously appeared:

Say Her Name  The Mystic Blue Review

Self-flagellant  The Voices Project

Derelicta  Collins Poetry Residency

un·en·cum·bered  Tipton Poetry Journal

Hunter’s Moon (unfinished) Visible Quad Cities Project

Christian County  New Poet Journal

Driving to sunshine  Collins Poetry Residency

Dark of the Moon  Mookychick

The summer of mourning doves  Collins Poetry Residency

Irredeemable  Voice of Eve

The Valley of Tears  Nymphs

You will know her when you see her  Collins Poetry Residency

Ode to the Muse at Wolff Cottage  Wolff Cottage Fiction Residency

We have no choice with this thing called writing  Writer’s Block

The Yew Tree  The Mystic Blue Review

The Alchemist’s Daughter  The Ravens Perch

Salt  The Ravens Perch

Sulphur  The Ravens Perch

The Lesser One  The Centifictionist  

The Cotton Breath  Crabfat Magazine

Run North  Trampset

Asylum  Drabblez Magazine

Kudos  Split Lip Magazine

The forgotten Mandaean  River Cities’ Reader

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